Nature of the Independence War of USA

Nature of the Independence War of USA:

Undoubtedly, the Independence War of USA was a very remarkable event in the world. But historians hold different opinions about the nature of the American Revolution. Americans themselves have debated at length over the form of their revolution. People have tried to seek an answer to the question of whether it was a revolution or not. A few scholars have asserted that the revolution in terms of its demands was rigid and defensive and those demands signified the conventional liberal attitude of the English people. The Americans were fully satisfied and still, they were united against England. Other scholars have contrary opinions. They maintain that the American Revolution was highly informative. It divided the people into these two classes: patriots and loyalists and put the whole country into these two camps. The Revolution achieved its objectives. The American revolutionaries were as much progressive as the persons who launched the great French Revolution after an interval of a few years.

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