The Constitution of America

The Constitution of America:

At last, America achieved independence. With the settlement of the Paris Pact after the end of the war, some differences arose among the American states which were sorted out after some time. The newly-drafted constitution containing four pages was signed by fifty-five persons on September 17, 1787, and came into force on June 21, 1788. Democracy was established in America and the Federal system was adopted. Under the Federal system, the separation of powers was maintained between the Federal and the State governments. The new constitution endowed the Americans with several rights. The significant rights were the freedom of speech, press, and religion and the right to get justice according to the law. The new constitution guaranteed the security of life, property, and freedom of every person except in matters of judicial proceedings. According to the constitutional provisions, a new government was formed in March 1789 and George Washington was elected the first President of America.