Significance of the American Revolution

Significance of the American Revolution:

(1) The American Revolution resulted in the consolidation of 13 American settlements into a modern nation. In fact, the creation of a big and powerful nation in the Western hemisphere influenced world politics in the future. It was on several occasions in history that some American leaders and diplomats took such a decision that had to influence the course of World History e.g. Monroe Doctrine, participation in the First World War, Wilson’s 14-point programme, participation in the Second World War, Cold War, etc.

(2) As the result of the Independence War of USA, the first written constitution in the World came into existence. It definitely encouraged the tradition of Constitutionalism.

(3) The American Revolution strengthened the position of the middle class in America and in Europe and it encouraged liberal ideas.

(4) After the independence of American Settlements there was the formation of Republic in America. It was definitely a break with the existing European political system, whose standard was an enlightened monarchy. So, this phenomenon encouraged the republican ideas in Europe.

(5) Likewise after independence a federal system of government developed in America. In fact, the concept of federalism was much suited to a multi-racial, multi-lingual, and multi-regional country. In the federal system, there was a compromise between freedom and unity, Later this system gained popularity even in other regions of the World. For example, after Unification Germany adopted this system. Above all the success of American federalism attracted even European intellectuals consequently steps were taken for the formation of a federal Europe. Today we can manifest the European Union.

(6) The Independence War of USA gave a serious jolt to the policy of mercantilism and colonialism. The American Constitution was the first constitution in which there was clearly an anti-colonial provision.

(7) When we observe the American Constitution we find that this constitution starts with some radical words like ‘we, the people’. This phenomenon gives a hint towards the concept of popular sovereignty. Although this was not the real objective of constitution makers. They did not think in terms of popular sovereignty in actual sense but at least in theory, they accepted it.

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